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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by callMeTheMasterRightNow, May 19, 2018.

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    1. there is no Russian language. I'm tired of constantly translating what I do not understand.
    2. Why do we at the beginning create such a detailed character if in the game we see only a part of his body? I generally keep quiet about the choice of clothes.
    3. There are few characters and few dialogues with them (I want to continue, I'm not talking about sex scenes).
    4. I believe that the topic of domination and subordination is not disclosed.
    5. there is no interaction with the outside world.
    6. I still do not understand why ask who will this be if the scenes do not shine with a variety and are those by default. although I will try to pereprojti this time already purely for the female character. we will see. can something that will change.
    7. My wish. I would like some development of the plot. I do not even know. a love triangle or re-appearance in the clubhouse or something of sm themes or or or .......

    and I recall that I translated what I wrote through an interpreter and tried as short as possible to make sentences and easier, so that the translation would not distort and replace the text. thanks to all who mastered.

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