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My thoughts on the game!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GodlessWolf, Oct 4, 2019.

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    So I got the game a couple days ago and have been playing it almost non stop since. I have noticed a few things that I wanted to bring attention to and see about hopefully getting looked at in future updates (or even if it's just me experiencing these issues)

    -So to start, as I was going through Lex's storyline, I noticed in the part where you go camping with them and their friends, there are some panels they appear without their head or without their body. I found it quite unsettling to see no head on Lex when they spoke, but I did find it amusing nonetheless.
    -Another thing is I spotted some punctuation and spelling errors dotted through the game. Not much, but they're in there if you read them and play for more than just the 18+ scenes.
    -There's not a whole lot of achievements and the game feels extremely short. I'd love to see more dateable characters released. I even saw Rika in there. If she could become dateable, I'd fanboy so hard.
    -I would like to see in the future the 18+ scenes include female player character models.

    Going to more positive notes, there was a LOT I loved about the game.

    -The characters and their story arcs were amazing. I felt I really resonated with a lot of them. Zanith with what I could only describe as self loathing, Jax with his issues with an abusive ex, Skye with issues of being comfortable with who she is, Mercy with the same issue as Skye, but in a different light. (Skye was more appearance and Mercy was more sexual identity. But nevertheless I did struggle with something like this myself in my youth, so I felt it a necessity to bring it up.) and particularly, I LOVED Skye. Helping each of the characters overcome their struggles and watch them come out of their shell was very rewarding for me, as the player. Knowing I played a huge role in that.

    -I have a LOT of trouble seeking a romantic partner in life, and when I try to talk about it to people, I'm always met with the same mantras chanted, the same half assed excuses as to why I shouldn't let it bother me... So I play these games as a way for me to fill in that void. This one in particular more than accomplished that, and saying it's been an absolute delight playing would be a serious understatement.

    This game may not have replay ability value in the limited number of things you can do, but it MORE than makes up for that in character development. It's the personalities of each character that has me coming back for more.

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