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My only Three wishes

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by LACURO, May 16, 2018.


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    Greetings from Germany
    I have Amorous [my first Furry Game generaly]
    since 4 Days and played to the End [hetero Campange]
    Mercy was a realy funny surprise. :D
    Skye ist a realy Cute Charakter, a sweet Nerdy Fox . She is my Favorite Character in this Game ^^
    But Lex is realy cool, a Husky, Biker and can hard and many drink, hehe.
    She is on the Second Place ;D
    For this two Girls i wish me more continued Storylines. ^^
    And more other female Charcters in the Club for Dating whould be cool.
    A Dragongirl maybe, a female wolf too? ^^
    For the Character Creator i miss more Parts for the Dragon.
    Wings at the First.
    But Dragon Eyes too. ;)
    [sorry for this bad english XD ]
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