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My juicy take on the game. And criticism.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrakeWinter, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. DrakeWinter

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    After finishing 3 dates in the game i grew very very attached to 2 of the 3 female characters. (Not going to say all da goods) Amazing variety and a wide selection of choices. I felt attached and engulfed with the whole experience up to a point.
    So out of all the dates I grew close to one in piticualr. Skye was a inviting warm hearted chatacter that even seeing that sad face she makes made me squeal like a little girl in desperation to do what ever I could to make her happy once more.
    Not only was she memorable and well crafter but she ment something to me. But once completed i felt as if I was using Skye just for a quick sex scene and the end. Honestly I grew very attached to her as a character because she resembled my girlfriend in many ways. Not only in interests they shared but even the way she acts and dresses. (Yes my gf cosolays)
    So to sum it up, I was very sad and disappointed when I tried to call her after the final date and was alarmed to see she was now only a booty call.
    I understand the complexity of making this game and improvements and development of other characters but I would love to see more content after you have sex with your date. For example more outings and maybe even conflicts if they find you cheating.

    Thanks for listening to my rant and thoughts
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  2. MirceaKitsune

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    More content after finishing the dates has been requested... including by myself. Amorous is still in early development, and this as well as other things might be planned for later I understand.

    Skye is also one of my favorites. She has a form of niceness that's impossible not to simply adore :rolleyes:
  3. Sir Wolf

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    Lennian said one of the final updates coming up is going to add final dates to many of the characters to tie up any loose ends. I hope Skye is going to be one of them.

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