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New my house is the nightclub?

Discussion in 'v1.0.3 (Readonly)' started by Michiko the Misfit, Jan 18, 2020.

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    so, i play on steam. but anyways, while i was on Lex's route, i woke up the next morning, and decided to go out of my room to maybe say hi to Coby, or get some breakfast, before calling Lex again. but when i clicked on the door, the screen faded to black for the transition, and then suddenly i was in the nightclub, talking to Coby. and when i clicked the "nevermind" option, i was just in the nightclub now. i restarted the game and the same thing happened again. im not sure if this is on purpose, but it just seems a little strange to me that theres a portal in the door to my room that takes me to the nightclub unless i call my friend to pick me up. that would kinda make for an interesting plot to a horror game though.

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