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My Fursona stories read if interested in it

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Ryeiu, Mar 19, 2017.

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    Here is the first tale Connor O. Malay (reference tell me if you get it)

    A Memory of Snow.

    There I am sitting in my house again trying to think of something to do. I’ve already done both daily workout routines, showered to keep my fur and hair perfect. No new girls to text. It’s weird, because I’ve seen the way people look at me and then the way they look at others. I am not normal, I never was. My hair isn’t dyed bright blue (it has always been that way). The bands around my arms change color with extreme feelings. My eyes change from circles to diamonds when in unusually bright light. Not to mention the unusual purple tint they have. Which draws the girls to me sometimes So I try to find the ones who aren’t there just for my looks or the body. Though I use them to my advantage later anyway. An oddball is what I am. The body I have; the muscles, the strength I was born with it. It helps though. Just got to keep in shape. I heard that the amorous club is interesting, I might go there tomorrow. Well I guess I could sit here and wonder. After about an hour I got tired and dozed off then a memory returned to me.

    There I was sitting in the snow again, entranced by the snow and the forest. Fading back into reality again. The snow is so beautiful, no matter how many hours I stare at it, it never loses its glory. It can still pull me into a day dream, with the smell of the pines floating with the wind. The wind picked up a bit and brought a new smell, a deer. Hmm I haven’t eaten in a week but I am still not hungry. I don’t need to eat but once every two weeks. The wind keeps messing up my hair so I went to sit in the snow trench I had made long ago. Sitting in the shallow depression I fixed my hair back to its original state. Silly me always obsessed with my blue hair, but it does have to be the way I feel is prefect. There is snow here on the ground every day and it never melts. Some people complain, whine, moan and even cry about its cold, it wet or its too bright even with coats. Not me nor my family, we have basically evolved for this, a thin but proactive fur coat, which can change to white if we need to blend in with the snow. No matter how cold it gets I stay warm even with the wind. Our Eyes adapt to anything from pitch black to the brightest glare from the snow. We have a moving internal protective covering our ear drums to protect them for the wind. Our ears are super sensitive so it helps that we can turn off our hearing, perfect for any loud noises. The other anatomy we have is odd as well, like ours tongues are pitch black and extends six inches out of our mouths which is odd with no function besides tasting and ‘exploring’ certain places. I have, well sterile sperm unless I want to pregnant a woman, so I guess my father does too? That means I was no accident! No kids unless i want them which I don’t. We are perfectly adapted for surviving the cold and the sex life I guess. Sitting there I realized that I don’t want to change. I love who I am and what I am and everyone should either be themselves or be what they want to be. I heard a branch break and instantly looked over there assessing the noise. It is a deer it doesn’t see me nor will it smell me I admit no odors other than something than smells like peppermint (that is what people says it smells like). I don’t need the food so I’ll camouflage with the snow until it passes. Just so it might come back later when I get hungry. There it goes down towards the creek I’ll…. BEEP BEEP BEEP. I snapped back to the present. “Stupid phone!” I said. it was the alarm for bedtime. Ah well, time to go to bed I guess.

    The end
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