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Multilingual Amorous?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Reeden, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Reeden

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    I'm grateful to be with the community, the players, and the developers, watching us all produce and refine such a beautiful game. But, as a linguistics geek, I think there should soon be more language options. This game is too wonderful to keep for ourselves, and I know we have the power to share it with the rest of the world! It would be possible that we language geeks, be staff and/or players, work to recreate the dialogue in other languages.

    This is still a serious question, something for pros to handle, meaning that if a team were to be formed to globalize the game like this, it must be composed of the dedicated and studious; we can't simply copy and paste the dialogue into Google Translate, but we must put ourselves forward to it, analyzing all the dialogue, the context, and how it would most appropriately be interpreted.

    Surely there are many furries outside of the Anglosphere, and we have a responsibility to share this with them.

    ¿Quién están conmigo?
  2. elfen デーモン

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    I'm in ♥
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  3. Bourlingueur

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    I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will propose their help... when the game is done. That might still be in a while. :)

    I participated in the French translation of Legend of Grimrock. Teams were formed for each language, some people did the translation and others gave their opinions on the work done, mostly through Google Docs. It worked fairly well. I'm sure something similar could be arranged eventually.
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  4. TensaiNeko

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    Um, shouldn't it be, "Quiénes están" or "Quién esta"?
    Joking aside I agree to this. Obviously it be after the full game was released so as to reduce complications with updates or bug fixes (unless that wouldn't be a problem). It would have to be matter of what and who the Devs would allow, I assume; as far as translators would go.
    Yes, a dedicated and studious group would be necessary, certain expressions may not go over well in other languages, and text-box limitations would be another spot of consideration, of course Google is out of the question.
    I agree, there are lots of furries out there that don't speak english that could be missing out. I mean, look at Morenatsu, nice story, good characters, decent dialogue; but almost exclusively Japanese, until someone translated it. Shame it's prohibited to be further tampered.
    Ah, yes, but overall, I agree this is a project worth considering, if not supporting.
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