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More Options/Dates/A New Set of Mind

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Whisky, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Whisky

    Whisky New Member

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    Honestly, the game is good. But I find myself to be wanting more out of it.
    First off, I would like to get more characters to mingle with or more things you can interact with in game. A few options I would like to see are: The Pole Dancer (mainly cause she looked cool with that tail), the DJ, the white wolf (or whatever it may be) at the inside entrance of the club and maybe the wolf chick at the bar. But those are just a few ideas.
    Second, dates from characters cause I like personality a lot too, I want to see more of it along with date options too maybe after you buried the hatch or something.
    Last off, A New Set of Mind. What I mean is, a few characters are worried about there genders and have a bit of a artsy thing about them. I want to see somebody in it that honestly doesn't care at all in gender or is strict to the science side of things or maybe a person with a more sensitive kind of background that you need to comfort (and yes I know about mercy's sad story but I want something different but closer to the heart).
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  2. indipotter

    indipotter New Member

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    why not lunar?
  3. Leasoncre

    Leasoncre New Member

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    I'd like to date my own species (a dragon. ess prefered). but i see a few that aren't intractable at the club.
    (i'm not hot about that highschool bish's attitude either - from skye's shopping storyline)

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