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Modding-how assets and data work

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SomthingNeat, Nov 6, 2019.

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    So this is just a mini documentation on how to mod amorous dates, characters and files.

    If you plan on modding amorous...

    Please back up your files!!!

    First off...
    Almost everything is compressed!!!

    Nearly everything runs on .gz files. These contain files of no marked format. The labeled format the of .gz files are actually the format of the format-less files inside.

    For example: Let's say I had a .xnb file that I renamed as a .gz file and extracted the contents. The file inside would have no marked format but I could rename it as a .xnb since that was the original format of the .gz file.

    I would recommend using 7zip to unpack and repack files (make sure to pack them as .gz files and rename them to their original format.

    Please remember to remove the format from the name when packing files.

    Below is a list of file types and how to edit them

    These are only in the assets folder and are the image sprites or music.

    To pack and unpack .xnb files, I'd reccomend following a tutorial on star dew valley modding. It extracts as .png and .yaml file.

    In the assets folder these are spine animations for just about any movement in the game, while in the missions folder these are the dating scripts.

    It's not reccomended that you edit the spine files, but the dating scripts are free range. Can be edited in a text editor.

    .ATLAS . TXTs
    These are the image grab boxes used by the .json files. They act of a different nature to the rule stated above in that the file inside does have a .atlas format.

    Can be extracted and edited in a text editor.

    I hope this help and I can't wait to see what you create!!
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