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Minor thing on Lex's intro and stuff

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by ababab678, Feb 24, 2018.

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    when talking to dude bro(Lex) behind the club, when offered a cigarette i advise putting in a dialog choice in which you can respect their choice without taking it, i do live and work with a number of people who smoke, and have been carrying a lighter for the purpose of helping them when they've not got one. i have been asked by people on the street if i've got a light, and helped them out. it's just a little social tick. feels good man.

    aslo, when prompted to take the first aid with you, i know it to be justifiable, having something doesn't jinx it, nothing ever happens to the prepared. to go with it there are first aid kits that can be holstered on your ankle, and if you pack that in with a firearm you got yourself a pair of sexy ankles that'd make an ass man question themselves.
    i really like being able to come clean in the warehouse, it's nice being able to do what i'd actually do.

    if you read this i'd like to thank you for making this game, hecking great stuff dudes.

    Lex's fricking rocking character. oof

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