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Discussion in 'v1.0.3 (Readonly)' started by ShimmeringStallion, Jul 13, 2018.

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    A topic about the bug involving "Messages" is no surprise on the forums. However, the question is often simply "What happened?"

    But it seems as though time has passed, and bugfixes are being done for various in-game issues. Asking won't make a problem be attended to quicker... so the reason for this topic, is to ask a question out of genuine curiosity:

    What was the Messages button's function, previously? Before patches, before fixes and updates. I could think of one really useful way to use "Messages", but I actually want to know if what I had in mind, was the initial goal behind giving a "Messages" feature in the first place.

    Whether you're a moderator, administrator, or just a user from the early days; I can only ask for any insight you might have on the function of this... option. Oh! And thanks in advance!

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