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Meh I feel really bad

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nsti, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Meh I've played Amorous second time (All three dates) and it kinda made me realise one thing. It's fucking story of my life.

    My first boyfriend was like Coby....really .Like only difference between him and Coby was my ex pretend he's not a slut and he was "drugged" by his friend to have sex with them....

    My second was like Jax but kinda older version of him. He did not trusted me at first and thought I'm "that one night kind of guy" but he choosed his job. That makes me Zach I guess :D

    My third and so far last boyfriend was word to word like Seth. And YES it was my fault to lose him. I kinda got same feeling like from playing this game second time (At first I just was focusing on art aspect . now more on story) that Seth/My ex would be happy if they wouldn't "Waste" they life on gay fling and have girlfriend.

    You are propably bored already or left so here some spicy thing I would add to game . at the cinema with public blowjob or something like that (Ehh with my first boyfriend....don't ask I'm not proud of it) . Chance to confront Jax's boss and convince him how much this job means to Jax with happy or bad ending . Kinda epiloge of Seth's story .

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