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Mad Ferret's Suggestions

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by MadFerret, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. MadFerret

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    The game is shaping up nicely, and I know it's still growing, so I'd like to give my own ideas as to what I think the game could use:

    Game/Mechanic suggestions:
    -Allow the ability to customize hands/arms as you can do with feet.

    -Labels/Names for the various parts, either as a mouse-over tooltip, or as a physical label on/above/below the icons

    -The ability to repositon various parts, especially parts that can scale size. For instance, dicks tend to scale right/downwards, and so scaling it can lean to the penis being off-centered

    -For the sake of recolouring, I feel the Arms, Hands, Legs, and Torso should all be seperate 'parts'- or at least have the option to seperate their colours from the body.

    -The ability to scale eyes!

    -A Second Wing Slot for those that really want more than one!

    -Seperate the markings on different parts of the body, adding more and being able to do specific markings like certain facial markings, or tail markings.

    -Body scaling perhaps?

    Part suggestions:

    -Horse Muzzle
    -Bear Muzzle (broad and short)
    -Hog muzzle (bonus for tusked and untusked)
    -Rhinoceros Muzzle (Might need to have the horn as part of the muzzle, instead of as a horn option)

    Bovine Horns (left and right)

    - Ferret Tail (limp, thin, pointed)

    - Bovine ears (Spade-shaped and coming from the side)
    - Ferret (Flat, somewhat rounded, on the sides of the head)

    -Something more older and masculine. A weathered, steely, gaze. Maybe clint eastwood-esque?
    -Angry eyes!
    -Compound eyes for insects

    Body shape:
    - Muscle-chub.. nice muscular limbs with a round mid-section
    - Skinny. really lanky looking

    Dragonfly Wings

    -Flipper Feet
    -Hairless feet (with a visible hair line, like an opossum or rat)

    I'll add more stuff as I think of it.
  2. Sapphy

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    Ferret, you've got some good ideas. I'd love to see these get added.

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