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Closed Mac: Game Crashes

Discussion in 'Closed' started by FluffyBoi, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. FluffyBoi

    FluffyBoi New Member

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    I'm getting this error every time I try and open the game

    AL lib: (WW) GetProcPath: Failed to readlink /proc/self/file: No such file or directory
    [0000.64] Log: IGLDevice: OpenGLDevice
    [0000.64] Log: OpenGL Device: Intel HD Graphics 4000 OpenGL Engine
    [0000.64] Log: OpenGL Driver: 2.1 INTEL-10.14.73
    [0000.64] Log: OpenGL Vendor: Intel Inc.
    [0000.64] Log: MojoShader Profile: glsl120
    [0000.80] Error: Unhandled exception: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "Saves" is denied.
    at System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectoriesInternal (System.String path) [0x0005e] in <ac812cae460544af83bd6cf54c5eee87>:0
    at System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory (System.String path) [0x0008f] in <ac812cae460544af83bd6cf54c5eee87>:0
    at _RLyg3KpCLvyMiRlJYv6GQGjzgbe.‎‫‎‍‍‬‪‍‌‮‪‎‌‏‎‌‮ (System.String ) [0x00000] in <ff6a75786c5841d680436902c38af378>:0
    at _RLyg3KpCLvyMiRlJYv6GQGjzgbe._kf7OV6iBdiGuCpLJqGe9F1KU8FM (System.Int32 , System.String ) [0x0002e] in <ff6a75786c5841d680436902c38af378>:0
    at _RLyg3KpCLvyMiRlJYv6GQGjzgbe._2C47TwKYfEwBW15FE1pjxHe3hVK () [0x00193] in <ff6a75786c5841d680436902c38af378>:0
    at _iZO34R6bQrRkySpJyHUd4z0ATjM.LoadContent () [0x00474] in <84283ab7599d41b5aef5bc2f9a9569b4>:0
    at _P5kXFxm5KKgQbmemgSxal72oNuV.‏‬‪‫‌‎‫‭‎‏‏‌‪‬‏‬‭‍‫‌‮ (_FsTbYyatjENF2TgF8bpLx4wzRYm ) [0x00000] in <9c1d96e59887499aaafe639dc972ff7c>:0
    at _P5kXFxm5KKgQbmemgSxal72oNuV.LoadContent () [0x00000] in <9c1d96e59887499aaafe639dc972ff7c>:0
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Initialize () [0x00053] in <e9edb359330c4d05846c4a7b9322509d>:0
    at _P5kXFxm5KKgQbmemgSxal72oNuV.Initialize () [0x0000b] in <9c1d96e59887499aaafe639dc972ff7c>:0
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.DoInitialize () [0x0000d] in <e9edb359330c4d05846c4a7b9322509d>:0
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Run () [0x0000e] in <e9edb359330c4d05846c4a7b9322509d>:0
    at _mSWJDMhyYdgRjO8NFENdioWGWJL.‪‌‍‏‍‏‫‫‪‏‎‬‏‪‌‭‎‮‬‬‎‏‍‫‭‏‮ (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game ) [0x00000] in <9c1d96e59887499aaafe639dc972ff7c>:0
    at _mSWJDMhyYdgRjO8NFENdioWGWJL._ZyUQTd0bVOoooyNm8cSG4iHLtnN () [0x000e0] in <9c1d96e59887499aaafe639dc972ff7c>:0

    Can someone help?
  2. Lennian

    Lennian Dark Lord of Team Amorous Team Amorous

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    Tagged as Expired as this is no longer relevant. Please try the Steam version and make a new issue if the problem persists.

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