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Loving what you did so far. Suggestion: Employment opportunities?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Bourlingueur, May 25, 2015.


Should employment opportunities be integrated in the game?

  1. Yes, I think it would make the game more interesting.

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  2. No, I think it would needlessly detract from the story.

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  1. Bourlingueur

    Bourlingueur Member

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    I recently tried out v 0.3 of the game and I had a blast going through Seth's ''story''. Congratulations to the developers for a very promising start!

    One little thing that bothered me during my playthrough was the recurrence of my character's lack of employment in various discussions. I found it rather weird that my character, an attractive smooth talker who can seduce anyone he wants, is also a bum who can't find a job!
    It also became grating further down Seth's route. I'm supposed to be ''important'' to him, but he's going to be the one to provide for the both of us? o_O

    I don't know what direction the developpers will take from now on, but if the ''interactive'' part of the game allows it, I think it would be interesting, and more immersive, if job opportunities were added to the game. It could help players cement their playstyles: Jobs would take time and make it difficult to date everyone, but the money you make could buy gifts, activities, etc. and help you progress faster along one route. Just throwing the idea out there.

    Until the next update, I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Robyn

    Robyn Active Member

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    I like to think that the game will eventually take a path in which there will be a conflict that will cause the both of you to have to quit your jobs and any future business opportunities to keep your relationship intact or something along those lines.

    I mean, this was just a tease of a tease. I can't wait to see when the fact that the player's unemployed is actually gonna come to play.
  3. Bourlingueur

    Bourlingueur Member

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    You make a good point, I could see the character's unemployment becoming an important plot element.

    I guess I was more worried about the ''immersion'' part of the game. I'm assuming the game won't be simply a matter of clicking through contacts on your phone and reading one story after another. Jobs could be a simple, but effective way of adding limited in-game resources (read: money) to change the pace and keep players interested.

    I wrote earlier they could ''help you progress faster along one route''. I'm scratching that one. Instead, gifts and activities could unlock hidden scenes that would complement the story of each character. They could be anything, from sweet intimate moments to plain sex (assuming you play your cards right).

    And then... a highlight reel to see what scenes you've unlocked! Oh, the ideas... But I'll keep it at that, for now. :D

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