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Lockout and controls

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by VaesilCarinae, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. VaesilCarinae

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    First, I'd like to discuss the whole "Lockout" mechanism, and being trapped with the sex. Granted, I enjoy the sex scenes but it seems pointless to have the lockout and escape bar there when, the instant it activates, your little pointer launches itself to one side and you get instantly locked out XD The sex scenes may as well be an instant loss, since you don't get the chance to break free anyways.

    Controls. VERY unexplained, Tutorial! Prioritize that ABOVE ALL ELSE. Like, seriously. >.> I have so much difficulty, and you guys are great but you showed off things in the trailer that I have not been able to replicate. For example, you threw something. I can't do that, I have NO clues as to how to do so, or how to be the one dominating an enemy sexually for once. So...yeah. Tutorials are very needed.
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    Lockout doesn't stop you from escaping, it only resets the escape bar.

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