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List of Ideas

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Johny, Jan 28, 2016.


What do you want more?

  1. Sex scenes

  2. Characters and story

  3. Customization

  4. Locations

  5. Variety (A little from each option)

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  1. Johny

    Johny New Member

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    I found this game about a week ago because of Jasonafex and I instantly fell in love with it. I decided to make a small list to give ideas in development and because I'm slightly bored :).


    •Flashbacks to childhood life or teen life with Coby (Time travel. Maybe not)
    •Mini games to impress or convince someone (for a date?)
    •Choices and what you say affect whether you carry on with the date
    •Ability to cheat on a partner and either get caught or keep it hidden
    •Ability to leave your partner or just become friends
    •Need a way to see your character more often, like show it next to the person who your talking to
    •Option to hide the chat box
    •Hidden areas and items that unlock secret things

    Sex Scenes:
    •Foot Fetish
    •Doggy Style

    Character Customization:
    Size of certain body parts (Hips, penis, butt, head, hands/feet, legs, neck)
    •Expression of character
    •Cum amount and color
    •Amount of fur

    Characters Personality's:
    •Sam the fox - could get stuck in the friend zone as she is more of a best friend
    •Dean the Dane - has an alcohol or drug addiction which you can help him get off (and Dane as in Great Dane)
    •Clover the Rabbit - is into that 'kinky' stuff. She/He has lots of fetishes and is very confident and dominant
    •Maybe some fnaf characters
    •Faith the Deer - is always horny
    Leo the tiger - attracts everyone and gets the girl everytime

    •Public Bathhouse or Sauna
    •Drug Den? maybe
    •Stylist (to change fur color, character look)
    •Naked beach/normal beach
    •Pizzeria (Freddy Fazbear...?)


    •Voice Acting
    •Detailed character customization
    •Increased graphics for overall game (Right now it's great but I believe it can be better)

    I know this is way too much to incorporate and the developers would be working for ages on it but these are only suggestions. These are not just by me though, I have looked through the suggestions and ideas and handpicked a few that I agree with.
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  2. TA_Hunter

    TA_Hunter Member

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    Neatly done Johny, all those features sound amazing, especially the characters personality as I like more complex characters and Dean sounds interesting with a whole story line of fighting an addiction - though I also like the thought of a more antagonistic playstyle in which you can also provide him with drugs - but I'm gonna be a good guy after all.

    As of voice acting, If Team Amorous is reading this, I'd be happy to provide my voice for a character and if interested I could so some voice overs for certain characters like Jax, Seth or even Zenith. Though beware, that my mother tongue is austrian german and despite best efforts, I could like have my accent showing through, but maybe there's the charme to it.
  3. StarfallRaptor

    StarfallRaptor Member

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    Ooooh, yes. Definitely foot play~

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