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Linux Feedback: Amorous V0.3 works almost flawlessly in Wine

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Copper Badger, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Last night I decided I would try copying my Amorous install to my Arch Linux laptop and running it on Wine (version 1.9.11). The launcher doesn't work, but the game binary itself runs really well! Here's how you do it, for anyone interested:
    • Get wine installed on your Linux machine.
    • In your Amorous folder on Windows, go to games\amorous
    • You want to get the public_windows folder onto your Linux machine. Just use a flash drive or beam it over your network or something.
      • I'd recommend zipping it first, since it squashes it down from ~2GB to ~500MB.
    • On Linux, cd into the public_windows directory that you copied over. This is important because if you try to run it from anywhere else, the game won't detect your saves.
    • Run wine Amorous.exe
    I can't make any guarantees, but you should hopefully be ready to go! The only bugs are that button texts don't appear (phone menus, dialog speed, etc.), and that, since the launcher doesn't run on Linux, you'll have to use Windows to download updates copy the game back over.

    That being said, this approach does require access to a Windows installation of the game. It would be really great if the team could provide a downloadable build of the game outside of the launcher for this purpose.
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    Thts kool

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