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Lex dialouge improvement idea [Sorta-Spoilers]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KoolGee, Aug 17, 2017.


Should the dialouge get changed to be a question?

  1. Yay

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  2. Nay

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  3. Change the line

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  4. Remove the Line

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  1. KoolGee

    KoolGee New Member

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    I think Lex adds a bit of depth to some of your options when on dates and is generally a fun character to date. A few things about the dialogue said at the beginning of your interactions with Lex are a bit odd and out of character for the protagonist of Amorous.
    "do you always call everyone dude?"[

    The line forces the player character to sound annoyed no matter what attitude you would have in real life.

    It'd be best to change this to a branching pathway for the protagonist.

    Do you always call everyone dude?
    This first option is going to have the same dialogue as what's already in game as it's already identical.

    so uhh you a dude or?
    This second option will lead the player into the "idc what you think of me I know myself" style that Lex embodies and it's one of the best parts about Lex.

    Yeah, dude...
    This third option would lead to a response where Lex goes "don't try to hard" in a joking manner.

    The writing in Amorous is already amazing, but this one piece of writing has a chance to go down as more personal for players, even if it's a less meaningful choice than pretty much everything else.

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