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Let's Plays of Repeat the Furry Visual Novel

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by KeatonTheWolf, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Hello everybody, it's yo boi Keaton here. I already told you about Repeat, but now I'm here to tell you guys about some let's plays you can watch on YouTube. First of all, my friend Deckerlink is doing a let's play of the game and you should totally check it out. I am also doing a let's play of Repeat as well. I would appreciate you guys watching our videos and letting us know what you think. And again I'd like to encourage you to get the game. Just search up Repeat Visual Novel and you should find it. It's free both money wise and virus wise. As for my let's play of the game, yeah I know I recorded the game with my phone, but it's only for the first video. I promise that I will use OBS Studio to do the recording. Anyways here are some links to the let's play of the game.
    Deckerlink: HAUNTED CAMERA!? (18+) | Repeat (FREE FURRY VISUAL NOVEL!) 0.5 #1 - YouTube
    My channel: A Fresh New Start (18+) Repeat the Furry Visual Novel - YouTube
    Jayke Cosmicwave5: Furry Visual Novel - Repeat | Episode 1 - YouTube

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