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Lengthening the game.

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Takashi 816, May 23, 2015.


What to you think about the Idea of delving into the Later periods of relationships

  1. Yes, see what Happens.

  2. No, Leave it there.

  1. Takashi 816

    Takashi 816 New Member

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    I've enjoyed this game plenty since the 0.2 update to see that its a game/visual novel I'll find satisfaction in Supporting. It really ties together a competent story line without going overboard into the pits that others fall into. It really pulls me into the experience without taking me out to do menial tasks that other sims (really not sure what to officially call it) force you to do. With only the 0.3 update, you've already gone above what I expected and show that there is much to see from this.

    That said, on to Critism of the Constructive variety.
    I tend to find these ending at the first date to be a little unsatisfying. I've always craved the ability to continue on and see what happens after, and tackles the struggles of the relationship after the initiation.

    This is an Extra Credits Episode that really got me thinking about love and romance in games and other interactive experiences, which I think can be applied here.

    I know that this project isn't a huge staff like Every other big budget company and are practically releasing this game to the public for free, but I could see this definitely be applied here, allowing this to be much more than what other games like this are.
  2. Cyborg-Lucario

    Cyborg-Lucario Active Member

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    I think it would be interesting if the game continued after the end of the first date and you having the sex scene (or maybe it does take more than one date to get to that).

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