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Just some things I noticed

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Hopeless Romantic Wolf, Oct 25, 2015.

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    I'm just gonna slap down a few things I've noticed playing Amorous. I'm not 100% if some are actually issues, but I'll label those for clarification. The items are as follows:

    • If the graphic setting is turned up beyond a certain measure, sex scenes disappear though pieces of the characters flicker on every so often (Could purely be my laptop's fault however).
    • Certain speak choices don't alter a thing, they all lead to the same response. (Another that might not be a glitch, but you'd figured saying you'd go naked would get more then "let's go then!" in response).
    • Random blank speech bubbles (is a glitch). Sometimes, not just during sex scenes, speech'll randomly cut out. If you then click, it seems like a part of dialogue was skipped (as the following sentence seems out of place). They seem to be consistent but further testing is needed to prove that.
    • Character parts sometimes overlap the wrong location (which also happens in BBS). It's nothing major and rarely occurs but I figured I'd mention it.
    • Music sometimes catches, repeating segments before returning to normal. Nothing major, again, as it normally occurs if dialogue is skipped too fast or if the player's computer is under heavy use (so lags).
    • A few parts of character creation are pointless. I seriously doubt this is a glitch but rather that the game is still in development (Though it is a waste to have all those options but never see them applied... From the nipples down to the knee seems to be all that's used).
    That's all I've really noticed. As I mentioned, I've referred to anything I don't consider to really be a glitch. There's two things I'm positive are, three that I'm uncertain of, and just a last footnote on the side. Overall, the game runs mostly fine and is pretty good (if kinda short, even if you stop to speak every line aloud. Trust me, I've done so with all romances cos I like adding voices :3). Can't see anything major to worry about but there's a bits here and there that might annoy players during replays. Anyway, keep at it. To say it's early days, the games pretty well made so everything I listed here isn't a serious problem.

    I'm sure the final product will be great. And if not, hey, least you can patch it. :p

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