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Just random rougth BG idea

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by FlairMalin, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Yah- hello ,
    I write some theater stories for a rp game and I seeing you always search new point of vew , approach to the problem of life , or just physical differences with each update.
    So that inspired me without even knowing and i just wanna share some with you. Who knows ? maybe one will inspire you too =3 i repet , it's rougth so be indulgent >x3

    ( all following BG ideas can be for a male or female charater without any prbl )

    _ a renowned artist ( singer ? mini game ? ) who's in the town for a short vacation periode , always nice and smiling , a little star in short
    potential discussed subjects: acting defferently in public , the smyling masque of the scene ,
    a hardcore fan had scear him in the past so he's in fact really mistrustful
    potentiel to be a trapboy , like some K-pop singer
    protagonist going with him on his tour ending

    _ a wounded character ( missing a member , eye , wing , tail , can't walk ect..) who's really affected by the reguard of the others
    potential discussed subjects : feeling ugly , shapeless , and/or broken
    really dark BG chara'
    being "needed" by some one

    _ a staigth boy or a lesbian girl
    potential discussed subject : true friend ship without any back thinking
    talking about mind opening and new experience
    relation ship stated by friend ship are usely more stable

    _... the-protagonist-biologic-mother/father ( i know !! it sound fucked up xD ) even if prota can be various species , if the parent share the same skin and hair color , it should be possible with a code i think , the only thing you have to do is to make her/him say " you look alout like your father "
    potential discussed subject : feeling betrail , feelinng guilty , but happy to be reuited
    sad back ground (prostitut(e) being pregment ? )
    incest milf/bara
    being tear apart by chosing a true family

    _ Coby and his boy friend are really open minded na ? soo why not a short-not-canon-fan-service-path with Coby and one more "friend" ? yeah i'm talking about a threesome x) sorry couldn't resist =9

    Aaaand that's preatty all ^^ thanks for reading and if you have some ideas feel free to put them here
    Paws and Love everyone =3

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