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Issues and Bugs Guidelines

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lennian, Mar 26, 2015.

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    Each game will have its own "Issues and Bugs" section. This section acts as a filter before our internal bug tracker, so we only end up adding what is actually confirmed to be an issue.

    When reporting an issue, please keep in mind the following guidelines:
    1. Tell us about your system, is it a Windows or a Mac? Which version? How many RAM do you have?
    2. Which version of the game were you running?
    3. Describe the problem clearly by answering questions: What were you trying to do? What actually happened? What were you expecting to happen?
    4. We're you able to reproduce the problem? If so, what steps did you take?
    5. Add anything you think is useful to us: additional information, screenshots, vague error-codes, etcetera.
    After hitting the "Create Thread" button, your thread will be tagged as New. Once a Team Amorous member read over your post, he will either set it to one of the following statuses (Format is From => To):
    • New => Feedback: More feedback from the thread starter and community is required before the status can be set to anything else.
    • New => Duplicate: This issue has been reported earlier, therefor this thread will be closed.
    • New, Feedback => Accepted: The issue has been confirmed and will be added to the internal bug tracker.
    • New, Feedback, Accepted => Fixed: This issue has been resolved in a later version.
    • New, Feedback, Accepted => Closed: This issue got closed for a reason specified in the thread itself.
    Team Amorous will not update the thread whenever they fix an issue. It should be a community effort to report that an issue has been fixed and can be tagged as such. This will also serve as a double-check for us.

    Whenever a thread about the issue you encountered already exists, please like the post and add any additional information in a reply. If you feel your issue is different from what has already been reported, then feel free to create a new thread.
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