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Is this game still under development?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kryptix, May 31, 2019.

  1. Kryptix

    Kryptix New Member

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    So i have been playing amorous for a bit now and i just got finished with the skye dates and i must say i loved her,
    And i am wondering jf there is more dates to come or if its complete.
  2. TheTitaniumFox

    TheTitaniumFox New Member

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    I'm glad you enjoy this game I really had a good time with it too.... :)

    that's until it lasted... :(

    this game hasn't been updated for a while and the creator (lennian) has left the game as soon as it came into steam and after that people all around have been wondering where the hell he is... :confused:

    there where some rumors like steam workshop was gonna be available to have many dates and very cool paths and also an update to create our own paths... and of course MORE CHARACTERS! I also herd like them saying that there in the making of a new game that's gonna be like Second Life but with Furries but that also I don't see that anywhere... :confused:

    so the bottom line were completely Lost on where lennian and where this game is going right now... :(

    now we can sit here and only wonder where he could be doing right now... :(

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