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is doing an spanish translation in the amorous to do list?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kittypanlover, May 12, 2017.

  1. Kittypanlover

    Kittypanlover New Member

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    i always wanted to know this i'm colombian and i feel very confident about my english, but i've got some firiends that don't speak english so i was wondering this (i might want to help)
  2. KakeiTheWolf

    KakeiTheWolf Member

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    This is a simpler task than you might think, but considering the time it would take, you'll need a rather determined bilingual.
  3. MirceaKitsune

    MirceaKitsune Active Member

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    Although this isn't an answer to the question, it does get me thinking: I so wonder how Amorous would look and feel like if it were translated to my own language, which is Romanian. I'd likely try it out from sheer curiosity, though I admit it would probably feel so very weird :p Of course I'd be moderately amazed if anyone else from Romania played this game altogether... there are only a handful of furs here for starters.
  4. Sir Wolf

    Sir Wolf Active Member

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    Ya some things would have to be tweaked slightly to fit the other language since many things don't translate perfectly. But it could definitely be done with to many snags.
  5. J0SLAN

    J0SLAN New Member

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    You can mod the game and do it yourself or get somebody else to do it. Go here:

    <client folder>\games\amorous\<op system>\Content-Release\Data\Quests\

    All these files are the date-maps of the characters. They're GZipped, so you have to open them with 7zip or similar.
    Then you open them with a text editor and VIOLA, you can translate to your heart's content.

    Google it or message me if you want help.

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