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Hub based scenes

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by DaraSilverDragon, May 23, 2015.

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    So, you know how we have it currently right? Where we get a character's love and trust, and from then on learn the spell 'Summon Bootycall' with them as the focus? Well I think it would be nice, as a patreon goal, to add additional animated scenes for each character.

    In this system, calling them up would take you to an instance of their house (or stay in the bedroom for Coby), where you have some dialogue options

    -Start off slow (perhaps a foreplay sort of animation, like oral or manual sex)
    -Get to the point (The standard animation we have now)
    -Get your freak on (A kinkier animation based on a particular fetish that character has - such as Skye giving a footjob or Seth letting you tie him up. Nothing super extreme, but perhaps some stuff a little more 'out there' than the scenes we've had so far)
    -Chat (would start a short conversation picked from a pool of 5 or so for each character, and then give a generic message about you guys talking for a while longer before going back to the choice screen. If moods are ever introduced, this option could improve it to a given point.)
    -Stay the night (moves to the next day - pick this option with coby to advance time normally, or with other characters to improve your relationship with them a little)
    -Leave (make your excuses and head back to the world map)

    Each time the given patreon goal is met, one character could have one of these options added to them for the next patch (except the leave and get to the point ones, obviously, as those are already in there)
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    Don't know why anyone commented on this so I'll be the first and I gotta say...

    This would be a good idea actually, it shows where players are making good times to go on dates and making day/night cycle goes on.similar grading/dating system but "different" to hunnie pop, anyways hope I'm not the weird guy since everyone thinks I'm responding to a wish list almost a year after it was made :s

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