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How would you Express your love?

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Shadowblade019, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Shadowblade019

    Shadowblade019 New Member

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    I know you neet furries or you adorable every day furries are out there, and is part of the site, just like my normy self. What I would like to ask, if you had truly the method in your own way, in YOUR own words? How would you show or express your Love, for your favorite character in Amorous? Or any background furries.
    Without the booty calls?
  2. Spleriia Emperor Splerii

    Spleriia Emperor Splerii Active Member

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    Here's my usual technique. If I wanted to show or express my love to my favorite character in Amorous (especially Alex or Skye), I should befriend her first. Once both of us have a higher degree of friendship with one another, I will then throttle it up by confessing to her that I now have a strong desire with her. When that happens successfully, we'll both kick off the intimate action and everything would go to plan. ^^
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  3. StarfallRaptor

    StarfallRaptor Member

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    I suppose, if it were me trying to express affection for Skye... I would probably do something like find out her favorite colors and build/custom paint a Gundam model for her...
  4. Friendlynerd

    Friendlynerd New Member

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    If i were trying to express my love for Skye I will draw a portrait of herself for her (or at least attempt to) and go to her cosplay convention to support her, maybe even cosplay as a character i like in some.
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  5. TobiasB

    TobiasB Member

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    s u p p o r t M e r c y i n a n y w a y p o s s i b l e.

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