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How to make Vergence in Amorous

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mracos, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Body (Muscular)

    Colour: #3D8055 (№1) (A lot of colours are the same. So, I will mark them with “№”)​

    Underbelly: #69B269 (№2)

    Nails: #69A8C7 (№3)​

    Arms and Legs

    *Turn off everything​

    Head (Default)

    Colour: (№1)​

    Muzzle (Rugged)

    Colour (№1)​

    +Muzzle Horn​

    Colour: (№3)​


    Colour: #3A8DFF (№4)​

    Horns (DualHorns)

    Colour: (№3)​

    Hair (Spikes) and Fringe (None)

    Colour: (№3)​

    Eyes (Stern) and Brows (Ribbed)

    Back Colour: (№3) Colour: (№3)

    Front Colour: (№4)

    Cock(Knotted), Balls(Full) and Breasts (None)

    Colour: #FD838E Colour: (№2) -

    Tail (Thick)

    *turn off “Part A”​

    Colour: (№1)​

    Feet (Large)

    Colour (№1)​

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