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Hopes for deeper content

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FurMaster DJ, Oct 24, 2016.


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  1. FurMaster DJ

    FurMaster DJ New Member

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    This is the second time i have writen this cause i acidently hit the back space while not in the text box and it went back to the list of threds and deleted every thing.
    This is more of a thing for the finale game but i want to say it now.
    I hope they will add deeper content like more dates and stuff.
    Not just new charecters but more story and detale for each datable charecters and undatable chracters.
    And the main chrecter should have more of a lif like as you move on you get a job and posibly move with the charecter your dating.
    And they should make it so you cant just go to the phone and decide oh im going to go date you now there should be more dedication to the story.
    Not saying you cant date just one charecter but you have to brake up with the curent charcter your dating.
    And it should only be posible to break up with the charcter your dating if some thing happens and you end up disagreeing on some thing and get pissed and get into a fight or some thing like that.
    There is so much potental for this game and i want to be able to be absorbed into one story line for days and all them in like a month i know thats allot but its what i want out of this game come on how could thsi not be awsome.
    And there should be more back story on every thing including the main charecter like you should be able to build a back story like you buld a cherecter and it should efect the game.
    these are all ideas for a long way down the road but still i hope they come up with this or some thing like this and i will be very happy with the game i still amd but there should be more ALLOT more.
    Please feel free to say your ideas and disagreements
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  2. Doonbal

    Doonbal Active Member

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    Since it's in only v0.3(4) it's bound to get new dates, locations, stories and such with each update, whether they develop the characters already in the game further depends on time.

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