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Help forgetting Zenith.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ravy Wolfy, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Ravy Wolfy

    Ravy Wolfy New Member

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    Hello guys! I know this is my first post, which is also a silly one. I downloaded this game about 2 hours ago, i played as soon as it finished downloading, the first story i went for was Zenith's... Long story short i managed to get through the whole story without failing at all, and i simpatized so freaking much with his story, after i realized that i couldnt date him anymore after his story was done i literally started crying and closed the game, i cant even play another story... Did anybody else felt like that? Its so crazy, specially since i never played dating games before but i just loved him so much! Any chance for a sequel? I just cant get over it lol:amgrumpy:
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  2. Stryker Star

    Stryker Star New Member

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    I know how you feel. Lex was heart wrenchingly painful for me to say goodbye to. While a sequel isn't in the works, there is someone working on a few mods.
  3. TheTitaniumFox

    TheTitaniumFox New Member

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    Hey...I TRULY Understand you! I was feeling the same way feeling the same way but with Dustin Heck I was even looking people similar to him I believe this game is to short and it makes you feel so uncomfortable after you leave beacuse how realistic it is....

    But don't worry once we can start finding out how to start messing with the code and maybe implement our own characters we will keep this game alive and running!

    Take Care Ravy <3 :amcocky:
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