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Guessing the Future Versions

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by RowanSkie, Feb 10, 2017.

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    (EDIT: I guess this is a feedback topic, though. If no, tell me.)

    So, just after v0.4, the dates come in one person per update now, which is actually a good way to update towards ten paths.

    As of v0.5, we have Coby, Jax, Seth, Dustin, Skye, and Zenith. So, that basically means that v0.6, we'll get our seventh (Hinted to be Mercy!), 0.7 our eighth, 0.8 our ninth, and in v0.9 our last, and final tenth.

    According to the Dates for Amorous v0.4 poll, Skye got the most, Zenith got the second most, then Dustin, then Jacky, then Mercy. Now, according to the Dates for Amorous v0.5 poll (which was more or less ignored since Zenith came along), Jacky got first, then Mercy, then Tre, then Remy.

    Considering that if you talk to the Bartender, you get all of the future datable characters, who would it be then? I mean, uh... hold on a second. We have 11 reference sheets. One of them's going down to the bin! :eek:

    Or probably that the eleventh poor guy becomes the Butt Monkey. Actually, I'm now hyped for the future because we have chances of getting a 7:3 boy-girl ratio. 5:4? I think 6:4. Or probably 8:2.

    EDIT 2: Just did... some edits.

    EDIT: Oh dear god, I think I need to stop them. Actually, how can I? They are me!
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