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Groundwork for a brighter future

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pawsia, Dec 2, 2016.

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    Multiple characters including the player refer to various parts of time, be it parts of days, days themselves, a week or an implied month or two it exists, what doesn't exist is a day/night cycle and a town to explore, in some story lines characters actually interact with each other and in Dustin's case the story actually has an alternate path(it doesn't lead anywhere though) all these things combined not only is a pain in the butt to get working into a believable state(done it once myself) but when actually done right it adds so much more depth to a game.
    An important part of the ground work is the engine itself, expanding too fast can ruin the final result and turn the actual development into much more of a chore, however seeing as 0.4 is running smoother than 0.3(at least for me) than I have to assume what this update lacks in content over all it makes up for under the hood and that's great, hopefully both content and optimization remain neck to neck for future updates to come :3

    All in all I'm super excited just to see how far the game will go and truly wish I support it better than I already can.

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