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Grapple Controls

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Azure, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Azure

    Azure New Member

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    would love to know the controls for grappling aka being raped by the enemies... nothing seems to work.

    I was really hoping for the system used in the Orbs of Fury mod for Legend of Krystal. example: entering in -> ^ -> -> -> arrow keys to gain more grapple bar. The grapple scenes changing based on how 'fucked' (ha ha) you are.

    Well, whatever. I like what it is for a demo, though my laptop doesn't... ate my memory and forced a shutdown ><
  2. Dreae

    Dreae New Member Team Amorous Supporter

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    Not sure how it's supposed to work, I'm not even sure if it's working properly, however, I have discovered that if you hold both left and right the arrow will stay in the middle and you can press the attack button to break out any time you like.

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