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Gender Roles

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Edith, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Edith

    Edith Member Team Amorous Supporter

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    When-why-and what situation have you ever went against society's set gender roles?
  2. Riveroo

    Riveroo Member

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    When: Pretty much every couple of minutes
    Why: Because gender roles are stupid.

    I've been attending a political meeting the other day and I was asked how I feel about todays gender roles. I rambled for about twenty-five minutes about how we never need them and about how sexist putting any gender into a certain role is. And I for some reason got cheered for what I've said. I didn't see that coming considering how misogynitisc and sexist the regular german consumer culture really is.
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  3. ke55

    ke55 New Member

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    Gender roles are fine, they exist because they require less effort than thinking of every single person as individuals, as there are way too many people to be able to care about everyone so the brain makes assumptions that are close enough to true.
    Its sad that people have to deal with people thinking they are following those rules when they're not, but that can't be helped. To me the only evil is the forcing of these gender-roles onto people.

    Those are some strong, hateful words, care to back them up?
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  4. Connery

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    I have to disagree with what @Riveroo stated and can tell that Germany is actually anything but misogynistic. For instance, if Germany would be, my boss, the principal of the school I'm working at, wouldn't be a woman since the school has a very high reputation (I know this since my payment and the school's equipment as well as the opinions of the parents I have talked to so far give this away). Following the definition of misogyny, she would've lost her job or even wouldn't have got in that particular one if Germany would be a misogynistic country.

    @Topic: Tbh, I actually never have so far. The only thing that gives me some headaches is the fact that people want to scramble the way we use personal pronouns. I mean, the majority of the planet is divided in two genders, yet they want to scramble this by introducing multi-gender identifiers that actually cause more trouble than needed (explanation would enlarge this by dozens of lines).
    To make things clear, I'm not against peeps who are all about that stuff (to each their own I say), but imho, they should accept that this wold is built for the majority and stop trying to change the way we communicate.

    TL;DR: Riveroo has a questionable opinion of Germany and I have some trouble with the multi-gender thingy.
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  5. Weird Kitty

    Weird Kitty Active Member

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    There are only two genders.
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  6. White-Knuckles

    White-Knuckles New Member

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    I say let the person choose what they want, whether or not they want to live their life with gender roles. It's better than people forcing gender roles onto people or people forcing feminism and/or hating on women who like or agree with gender roles. I find it sickening how people are always shoving their beliefs down the throats of others who they have no right to say anything about.
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  7. J300MER

    J300MER New Member

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    When: Probably in another minutes
    Why: Because anatomy
    What: I only see people as male, female, or trans

    It's constantly forced to me that people can have about 64 genders, when every science applicable says it's not possible. I'm a male who's careless about what my sexuality is. I'm pretty sure I don't even want to know-- but that doesn't make me uneducated because I view science over opinion/preference.
    I was yelled at for "Assuming" a Muslim woman wearing a--- I kid you not-- the full male wardrobe. Turban and all. She had facial hair. She went to my manager, screaming, and even she looked completely bewildered that who we were talking to was an actual woman.
    When I see a blade of grass, it's probably a blade of grass. Nothing else to say here.

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