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Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by YoungSimbaPawSex, Jun 27, 2018.

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    So, about a month ago, I started my first project in RPG Maker. It was a going to be a private project, because it featured my best friends as party members.

    The entire idea of the game was that me, my sister, and all my best friends were going to come together in an epic Quest to vanquish a great evil.

    I voice acted the intro made my own music for the game, and had the first dungeon almost complete, along with the first part of the story.

    Issue was, my project was stored on a hard drive that had bad sectors on it.

    Somehow, my data was saved onto a part on the drive that was no good, which lead to my entire game to be destroyed.

    I still want to make a game with RPG Maker, but now I'm fresh out of ideas.

    This time, I do want to release iy I the public.

    But, to make a game, I need an overarching story element.

    That's how my brain works, even when writing my novel (that I'll probably never finish, lol).

    I need the big picture first, and usually after that, the Sparks start flying and I start writing a story.

    Any ideas?

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