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Support Game crashes as soon as I open it

Discussion in 'Support' started by Batata Enlatada, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Batata Enlatada

    Batata Enlatada New Member

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    Game crashes when I try to start it with or without the launcher. Log always says this:

    [0000.33] Log: IGLDevice: OpenGLDevice
    [0000.34] Log: OpenGL Device: Intel Bear Lake B
    [0000.34] Log: OpenGL Driver: 1.4.0 - Build
    [0000.34] Log: OpenGL Vendor: Intel
    [0000.34] Log: MojoShader Profile:
    [0000.35] Log: EXT_swap_control_tear unsupported. Fall back to standard VSync.

    I'm using Windows 7 with .NET Framework and Visual C++, both updated
  2. MirceaKitsune

    MirceaKitsune Active Member

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    Heh... first time I see a game engine crash due to something as mundane as vsync.

    I don't have Windows any more, but I know its video drivers should contain a settings panel (eg: Catalyst Control Center for AMD): Open it up and look for an option that says "Vsync" or "Tearing Prevention", then disable it and try again. From what that log is saying, you might be using one of those custom vsync algorithms offered by some video drivers, which Amorous might not be understanding and freaking out about.
  3. Lennian

    Lennian Dark Lord of Team Amorous Team Amorous

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    It's a generic warning, you can ignore it. Do you hear music playing when the crash happens? Is it a hard "Send / Do not send" windows crash?

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