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Fursona maker - Facial Features

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ClassyBrazilian, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. ClassyBrazilian

    ClassyBrazilian New Member

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    I'm not completely sure if it has already been requested but freckles would be an awesome edition, as my sona has freckles. Also, the kind of faint spot-like markings that Coby has would wrap that up pretty awesomely. Other than that, everything I'd really want is already in the amorous character creation so I don't have much else to request aside from that. Except more hairstyles because I cannot survive much longer with the current great but limited hair options. But take your time and don't rush it, you don't want to pull a Batman: Arkham Knight and release it too early/before its ready.
    So to sum it up: Freckles, More markings, & More hairstyles is my current list of wants.

    Okay now I'll stop bugging yall, get back to work xD Take care hehe
  2. TheHatedNiceOne

    TheHatedNiceOne New Member

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    I'd love some Abilities to mix species. If i could create myself (Post Tail surgery) Then i'd be more than happy!

    What i mean is, not just have ONE variation of a species such as fox. Maybe Allowing to just crush a bunch of things together from different variations and see what we get! And full positioning would be awesome!

    Also yeah, i like your idea of freckles and extra hair styles, but the ability to PLACE freckles in something like an advanced menu would be even more awesome!

    Okay i'm done, have a nice day development crews!
  3. zannonkoitsu

    zannonkoitsu New Member

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    personally I would love to see the bara beard. Kinda like Hyrule warriors Gannon model (with long hair has.) or, possibly small after shave couldn't hurt ^.^T

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