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Free Game Trainer Comission

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by EthanWolfcat, May 27, 2016.

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    Hello fellow furs. :) Stuck in a video game and would like some external help? Wish to give yourself a little boost?

    I create trainers (cheat program) for PC video game. Give yourself the help you need with a trainer to get yourself through a very difficult obstacle.

    Simply tell me the game you wish me to make a trainer on, what would like in and the games language. If I have it, I will try to make it happen. :)

    Here one for you all:

    Game: Final Fantasy VII (Steam Edition)

    Language Version Compatibility:

    English - Yes
    French - Yes


    -Instant Fill ATB Meter
    -Auto Fill Limit Meter
    -Auto Refill HP
    -Auto Refill MP
    -Easy Limit Learning
    -Save / PHS Everywhere
    -Countdown Freezer
    -Chocobo Race Stamina Freezer (Gold Saucer)
    -Battle EXP Reward Editor
    -Battle AP Reward Editor
    -Gils Editor
    -Battle Points Editor (Gold Saucer)
    -Gold Points Editor (Gold Saucer)
    -Battle Count Editor
    -Game Clock Editor
    -Limit Level 4 Item Giver

    I am open to new ideas to add to the trainer. I hope you will enjoy it. =)

    Download Link (Dropbox)

    Working on version 1.0.9

    Contact me for help :)

    I also stream games on twitch. If you wish to have a talk while watching games, check here
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