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New Font error - missing character

Discussion in 'Open' started by Ekdas, Sep 9, 2020.

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    During the second date with Remy, I noticed an out-of-place question mark*, which I recognized as the font missing the desired character.

    Diagnosis: Either your source font is lacking the character, or your Bold-??.spritefont files in your source have a default character range.

    If source font is the problem, the solutions are to either switch to a different font or replace the 'ù' with a regular 'u'.
    If the .spritefont range is the problem, then change the <CharacterRegions><End> field in each of your .spritefont files to "&#249;" or higher, preferably at least "&#253;". This will cause the resulting .xnb files to increase in size, but only by a few kilobytes.

    *Forum system won't let me post the screenshot. Missing character is 'ù'.
    Tab details:
    Cutscene: RemyDate.
    Stage: 20.
    Path: 0:216 > 0:217 > 0:217 > 0:218 > 0:219
    Current: 0:219

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