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Feedback for 0.1.1b from a newcomer

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by DarkMaster, Jul 22, 2015.

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    I think the game's graphics are quite nice (once I figured out you needed to change the graphics settings in the opening options or else most of the UI looks terrible). You also have some good sex scenes and character designs.

    The combat feels floaty and unintuitive, grappling is especially problematic since I often end up starting a grapple when I want to run away from enemies. Maybe a dedicated grapple button would be better. Some sort of more overt user feedback when you're in a grapple (either positive or negative) would help the player know when they need to change their inputs. I also often end up facing away from my enemies and I really have no idea how to control what my attacks are. I'd really prefer if when you hit the attack button your character always attacked almost the instant after the button was hit and turned around instantly if you pressed the opposite direction you're facing, it would make things feel much more responsive.

    Sex seems very easy to escape form right now and if you do you often just die if you're knocked down again afterwards. The main issue seems to just be that you have too much time to escape and in the mean time there is no penalty for still being stuck. That said, I do like the sex scenes and would enjoy being able to watch them without needing to be nearly killed first or losing the game if I let it complete.
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