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Feedback and Wishlist

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Lennian, Mar 26, 2015.

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    Each game will have its own "Feedback and Wishlist" section. This section is meant to be a list of cool suggestions and feedback on existing elements of the game. Generally the "hey, you know what would be cool" kind of ideas. Keep in mind to be constructive, why would you like this particular change or feature?

    Whenever you post in this section, be sure you are actually suggesting a change or requesting a feature (you'll usually have a bit of both in your thread). Other community members will most likely debate with you on the idea. Just as you are required to be constructive in the first post, they will have to be in their replies, as "I don't like it" is not very useful to you and us.

    Therefor the following guidelines:
    • If you agree with the given feedback, like the first post. Do not make "+1" replies unless you have something to add.
    • If you have something to add, be it positive or negative, be constructive! Why don't you like this particular change or feature? What would be a better suggestion instead?
    Anything else that does not lend itself for these kind of discussions does not belong in "Feedback and Wishlist", but in some other section. Your best bet is pretty much always the "General Discussion" section of the game.
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