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Feedback and bugs

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Bruskedragon, Nov 7, 2015.


Do you agree with any or all of the statements above? Have you encountered the stated Glitch?

  1. Agree with some, Yes i have encountered the glitch.

  2. Agree with some, No i have not encountered the glith

  3. Agree with all, Yes i have encountered the glitch

  4. Agree with all, No i have not encountered the glitch

  5. I do not agree, Yes i have encountered the glitch

  6. I do not agree, No i have not encountered the glitch

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  1. Bruskedragon

    Bruskedragon New Member

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    I've notices there is no way to drop a picked up item unless it runs out (guns) or you get a better version of the same type of weapon (guns/dildos). Additionally if you have either you cannot pick up backpacks, Duffel bags, etc so you can heal no matter how badly you need it, and if you have one type of weapon you cannot pick up and swap to the other type (ex. holding a gun, cannot pick up dildo and vice versa). Gun are immensely weak and almost not worth picking up compared to a gun and don't even have much range making them very useless, especially when up against several enemies at once. Picking up items should give a small text indicator of some sort to inform what they do, (ex. guns that stun or do damage).

    Another massive issue i have noticed is if if you need to turn the character around to hit someone behind you when nothing is in front of you, the character has to move a good full step or two before turning (because the character will first start with back-steps) usually resulting in enemies grabbing/hitting/stunning you with no real way out.

    When they appear on the screen they swarm extremely quickly, they can start to attack you when they are off screen if you move to an edge and cannot see them, and if you are anywhere on a zone when they swarm in you are instantly done for: Too close to one side or the other and new enemies can get you before you even see them, In the middle and the speed they appear on screen has you instantly trapped if 3 or so enemies appear on screen and with the back-step and control issues its not very beneficial. Vertical overlap of enemies with the characters lets them easily attack and grab the player, but you cannot do much (if anything) to them.

    If you get knocked out and a character starts to forcibly ride you, there is no time to figure out how to stop it, and i have no idea how i am meant to counter, or fight back at all and within 1 second i basically see "Lockout" and i cant do crap after that and get to watch a painfully slow animation of me "dying" before i respawn again. A lot should be covered in game to inform what a player is meant to do in certain scenarios.

    It makes sense a strong attack reduces health, but at the same time its unclear what it does and how strong it is. its easily interruptable and if you don't have a fully charged it seems useless/weak. It seems as if its meant to be a crowd control attack if you are surrounded, but with how little time is given, and that it can easily be interrupted with grabs its not well balanced.

    This or at least an info-graphic page series should exist for first time players as controls are not exactly perfect, combos aren't very apparent and with the speed of how quickly fights escalate right from the start give little to no time to really asses what to do and what can be done. It should cover basics of weapons, a few base combos and skill, and information on how everything works.

    Legitimate bugs:
    not sure what caused it but so far the one bug i have found is if you go too far too fast (somehow) and reach an invisible barrier, if you go down then continue to proceed forward you can essentially go around it and end up on an endless road with nothing on it. in tandem with this glitch if you jump at all you then proceed to fall out of the world for eternity.
  2. RoyArtorius

    RoyArtorius Master Knight of the Dark Lord Team Amorous Moderator

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    I believe we'll have most of what you've mentioned addressed in the next update.
  3. KiWolfGirl

    KiWolfGirl Member

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    You can drop weapons, holster weapons, and throw weapons. I don't remember the button combo, but it's one of the shoulder buttons if you're using a controller. If you are standing still you put the weapon away and can pick up a new one or a health item. If you are running you throw the item and can hit enemies with it. They nerfed the guns in this update and there was a bug where they only do like one level of clothes damage and nothing else after. They used to be really good, especially the yellow taser. It's been mentioned before so they know about it. I never saw the last glitch though, I've only seen jumping really high when pushing against something.

    I don't understand how people cant figure out the sex escape. It's so simple to me. You move the needle until it's at the center and in the green and hit the button when it says escape.
  4. RoyArtorius

    RoyArtorius Master Knight of the Dark Lord Team Amorous Moderator

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    The button combo is Z+C or J+L to holster while standing, or throw while moving,
    Guns weren't nerfed, mostly likely just bugged.
    The tazers were definitely bugged, doing no damage.
    The next update will have all hitboxes fixed so everything should do their appropriate amount of damage.
    Also enemies will (hopefully) not swarm so much

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