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Eyes and Claws

Discussion in 'Backup' started by TheMeefer, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. TheMeefer

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    In the fursona creator, the kawaii eyes look to be colored weird, as in the whole center of the eye is colored in. It looks like some parts of the eye were meant to be left white. I also encountered a bug where the hair shows through the inner ear.[​IMG]

    Also when you have the soft paws, there is no option to change the claw color for your character, even though he or she will still have claws on his or her paw. I didn't realize this until I went into the game for a second time and saw weird blue claws on my paw hanging off of the bed.
    All in all the game is amazing, I just didn't know if the creators were aware of these small issues.
  2. Lennian

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    Good find, thanks!

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