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Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by October, Oct 1, 2015.

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    I fuckin' love this game. Normally I keep to myself as a lurker on forums 'cause I'm not very savvy, but once in a while I discover gems like this and I just gotta give a bit of shameless worship.

    Ahh where should I start? The announcer's voice definitely threw me off. It's actually pretty epic! Awesome way to intro into the level. The artwork itself is beautiful. It's simple (<not an insult) enough that, hopefully, isn't a burden to draw up, but never half-assed anywhere in the entire level, even the background!

    The soundtrack is godly in my opinion. I can't be the only one that's left the game run in the background just for the music, right? Always a necessity for a memorable game, yes GAME. If you're familiar with Toonpimp or Playshapes maybe you'll see where I going with this. BBS has the potential to be an legit game. In most pr0n games the gameplay is kinda clunky, unrefined. You might even fall strait through the floor. And yea, BBS is a little, what did people describe it as, floaty? But it's the most polished thing I've seen.

    "Streets of Rage" is one of the hardest, aneurysm inducing games I've never finished. But the combat is just as good in your game as it was in the actual one. Thank you for adding the burst move that gives you breathing room T.T Allows me to have a chance on the game's most difficult setting. Got used the controls/mechanics fairly quickly, however, they did need some explanation.

    Enemies were well designed and reminiscent of their counterparts. Applaud the diversity and color palate swaps. LOVE gator boss at the end. Hard to win against him 'cause I basically offer myself/poor Verge to him every time X'D Hope to see more dommy bosses or even mid bosses.

    Dildo Bats > Guns all day everday X'D In fact, I think they need a buff. They only manage to take down one enemy while floppy knotted dragon takes out 4+

    Jasonafex, you know how good you are at animating so I'll leave that out ^.=.^ Hmm. Think that's it. Did I miss anything?

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