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English proofreading? Can I join?

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Mieh, Sep 5, 2017.

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    EDIT: Whoops! I just saw where the translation site has been taken down for the time being. Hope @Lennian has a good vacation and wishing @Tsumi inspiration with her script changes!

    Hello! My name is Mieh and I am a wikia editor and proofreader. While playing Amorous, which I love, I constantly bump into proofreading opportunities in the game and would like to contribute.

    I see that the "Want to help us out?" thread has been closed, but I also read in the 0.8.1 patch notes about people proofreading for the game through the translation website. If the dev team decides they'd like to consider my offer, let me know and I'll provide a portfolio of my work. This portfolio would consist of samples of proofread Amorous script, past wikia edits if desired, and a description of my editing style and tools.

    I would provide this service for free and understand that Team Amorous would own all of the content. What do I hope to gain? Practice, personal satisfaction, and my name in the credits.

    Please consider accepting this free contribution to your beautiful game. (^__^)

    Mieh Hammond
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