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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TiranPlayer, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. TiranPlayer

    TiranPlayer New Member

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    Just got a question,cauz i didnt get it really....
    I finished the Part with Dustin and my question ist:
    Do Dustin really loves you(the player) or did he just wanted to fuck you?
  2. Spleriia Emperor Splerii

    Spleriia Emperor Splerii Active Member

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    I think both! XD
  3. TA_Hunter

    TA_Hunter Member

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    Dustin is quite a difficult paper to decypher. He has his honest moments in the game, like watching this movie with you and talking to you about his old car and his previous relationship, but he has his predatory demeanor through and trough, so I personally assume we will learn it only when Team Amorous tells us the exact answer. I'd like to think of Dustin as a regular guy and not some angelic being, meaning he also has his wants and needs, he's only a mere mortal after all and what's bad about wanting some sex? Nothing, it's totally natural. It only gets bad, if you hurt someone for it. Psychologially or otherwise, and Dustins last relationship was pretty hurt- and harmful for him, I'd kinda understand it, if he'd just wanted some relieve. And every story needs a black sheep. Is it Dustin tough? No body knows.
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  4. MirceaKitsune

    MirceaKitsune Active Member

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    Dustin is one of the characters I could relate to the least. However I'd say he does, even if in an often less obvious way.
  5. Rockinout4

    Rockinout4 New Member

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    I know this is an older post but I like Dustin so I wanna put forth my opinion:

    I think were his storyline lengthened you could keep going out with him. I’d like to think that you getting a job in the story could be one more step in the direction for a lasting relationship! The way the story’s gone so far and the feel of each storylines progression makes that feel quite likely.

    Dustin made big life changes to be with you! Doing what you can in your life to show that you don’t just want a sugar daddy would go a long way!

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