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Dropped off the map

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jolly, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Jolly

    Jolly New Member

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    Hey! So, I actually downloaded this game a few months back, but at the time wasn't that into it. I started playing it just a few days ago, and fell in love with it! I just recently (and by recently I mean maybe 10 minutes ago) finished Coby's thing, which was the last one I had to do. Although, once I was done, it just left me aching for more. I was wondering if there were gonna be any more updates from this game, but I haven't seen anything. From what I can tell, all progress on this game has dropped off the face of the earth entirely. Can somebody please fill me in??
  2. Rundas

    Rundas New Member

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    I've heard the same thing about the development process. Apparently, it's all been stopped for now. Bummer. If they added more content, I would would gladly pay for it. All we can really do is hope they decide to add more stuff.
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  3. SomthingNeat

    SomthingNeat Member

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    Jasonafex himself says the game is considered completed.
    However modding is currently in the works!!
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