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Dealing with post-game depression

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MirceaKitsune, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. MirceaKitsune

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    Well I didn't think I would be making this thread, but it seems Amorous managed to make this a thing I need to seek advice about :p Although it's nothing I can't handle, I admit to being a little nervous about trying out the next version for this very reason.

    To be clear, it's not anything about the dates themselves that cause me to feel down at the end! Frankly, it's simply the knowledge that the game is now over, and you've seen everything there is to see and there's nothing new to keep doing; Amorous does a great job at keeping you wanting to talk to those lovely people you meet, yet like every virtual world with predefined content you obviously reach an end point eventually.

    This is part of why I was hoping that in the future, a feature to have procedurally generated characters and worlds could be considered. You can find my thread on that over here by the way.

    So yeah: Just curious if anyone else gets this, and how you deal with this bit of sadness until the next version comes out.
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  2. Sir Wolf

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    I could almost certainly say with confidence that will never happen. For a few reasons, one, if you procedurally generate content the quality of it would be quite terrible, especially with this type of game where it really requires a persons TLC to craft the stories and personalities. Second, it would take a ton of more work by the devs to create the system for making this content.

    To answer the question about dealing with the sadness, I would love to continue stories for some of the characters, but sadly I resign myself to the fact it may not happen. I busy myself with other things to tie me over. :)

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