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Daytime cycle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MirceaKitsune, Jan 18, 2017.

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    Whenever I start up Amorous, one thing that gets a smile out of me is the digital clock of the main menu showing my real system time. I couldn't help wondering whether an actual daytime cycle is a feature that is planned, or could be considered for later if not. Overall I am suggesting a few different ideas:

    The first obviously is a working daytime cycle, which affects the lighting throughout the world. Mittsies, who I was pleasantly surprised to notice got their music featured as the club's background track, has a very nice way of doing this: Most of their interactive animations feature beautiful environment tones that can be cycled, which recolor the sprites without having to use any new assets. So if help is needed there, perhaps he can share a few secrets.

    If this were implemented, it would be pretty neat if the time of day also followed the computer's system clock! Hence my reference to the main menu clock... sadly the in-game digital clock seems to always show 9:30 instead. Ideally this could be optional or scaleable, as some may prefer the days advancing faster.

    Lastly, some events (such as dates) could be only available during certain hours! This might tie in nicely with the system clock idea... the player can be required to wait in real life for a date, and this would guarantee you spend a few days playing through each path. Obviously this should be optional, since people who want to go through the story without limitations would find this quite an annoyance.

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